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Natural Looking Dentures

Dentures can look just like natural teeth. Unfortunately they often do not!

Whether partial or full dentures when they are produced down to a price (for example on the NHS) very cheap components are used and the time the dental technician or the dentist can spend on ensuring that they look entirely natural is limited.  The wear of these teeth is often very poor and the person buying them is often disappointed in the way they look or the length of time the teeth last before they are worn down.

As a private practice at Compton Acres Dental Practice we use only the best materials in our best quality dentures  and we can take the time to ensure you get the exact look you are seeking.  For some people this will be beautiful stylish straight teeth (a cosmetic makeover) for other people it may be that we set the teeth with an uneven and worn appearance, we can even put gold or silver or tooth coloured fillings in the dentures for that “natural” look. For many people it will be something in the middle – really natural looking almost straight perfect teeth – the teeth you always wanted.

We often use photographs of the patient’s smile when they had their own teeth and restore this appearance with their new dentures.  We can make gums look as if you have gum disease if this is what you want!  If you have pigmented gums we have a choice of colours and can even hand create your own particular colour for the appearance of your gums.  If you always wanted ultra white/bleached teeth – not a problem: there are teeth in these colours.

If you have partial dentures your choices can include the latest flexible dentures (no visible clasps), tooth coloured clasps, gold clasps, hidden clasps, precision attachments and implant retention.  If it’s possible we can do it for you.

Whatever you think looks natural we can create it for you – you just need to tell us what you want! (if you don’t know what you want we will be happy to advise you).

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Compton Acres Dental Practice, West Bridgford, Nottingham

Our Nottingham based purpose built, air conditioned dental surgery was opened in 1989 by the Secretary of State for Health and has received awards from the dental profession for the quality of care we offer and the way we inform our patients of our practice.

As you walk through the door you know you are receiving a completely new level of private dental care. Compton Acres Dental Practice reputation for affordable, quality dentistry has led to a client base stretching from West Bridgford, into Europe and beyond.

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