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Bad Breath Treatments

Bad breath can have several causes.  It can come from our nose (for example sinusitis), our stomach (for example when we diet and cause ketosis) or from our mouth and gums.

By far the most common cause of bad breath is from the mouth and gums.  Gum disease is one of the biggest causes of bad breath.  Gum disease is caused by the bacteria in the plaque that collects around our teeth and gums and in our mouth.  The by products from the bacteria in the plaque make gums swell, become red and bleed.  These are the classic signs of the first stage of gum disease – called gingivitis.  If ignored and not treated this can go on to loss of bone support around your teeth causing pocketing and/or recession.  It is treatable by your dentist and hygienist at Compton Acres Dental Practice.

If you do not see a dentist or hygienist regularly for professional cleaning, pockets can get deeper and it can become more difficult to remove the plaque from around your teeth and gums and more plaque will collect in the depths of the pockets.

Scale (also called tartar and calculus) acts as a barrier to effective plaque removal and also creates a hiding place for plaque bacteria to collect.  The bacteria in the plaque become more anaerobic and smell producing.  These old established bacteria produce volatile sulphur compounds as a by product of their metabolism.  This is what creates the smell of bad breath (fetor oris).  Hairy tongue can also create hiding places for the smelly plaque. This is particularly common in smokers.

We have regular treatment protocols, laser treatments, surgical treatments and special chemicals that can treat and eradicate bad breath from the mouth.

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